Join me in the Wild Moon forest and gardens.  This is an invitation to immerse yourself into the natural world and her Spring medicines.

In this multi-workshop series, we will be wild foraging a variety of Spring herbs throughout the full season. You will learn how to identify these herbs, when and how to harvest them and how to make potent medicines for yourself and your family.

Spring is a transitional season and a time when the Earth is waking from her slumber, beginning to bloom and set the stage for summer.  This season brings with it, herbs that specifically like to support the liver, the kidneys, the skin and detoxification.  You will learn basic knowledge around these body systems and how the herbs work for and with these systems.  

This workshop offers a multi-sensory experience, as you will taste, feel and smell each herb, experiencing them in multiple medicinal forms. You will learn how and where each herb likes to grow.  These skills empower you to be able to identify these herbs no matter where you are, taking this wisdom with you throughout your life. 

I am excited to be offering this potent in person series, where we can feel each other's energy and where you will not only learn from me but from the land herself, while connecting with the other students.

This series includes three 4 hour Saturday workshops throughout the Spring months of March, April and May 


Kelly T.

The entire workshop experience was surreal! Audrey shares her heart, soul and passion for herbs in everyday life. I enjoyed the feeling of being taken aback to my childhood, re-experiencing things that were hidden in my memory or forgotten. Her magical farm immerses you in nature and she is the most genuine guide. From learning the roots, stems and flowers of surrounding plants to how to use them in their raw state, in tinctures, salves and vinegars! The knowledge we gained can hardly be expressed in words, it truly must be experienced firsthand. Iโ€™m elated to hold knowledge and power to further heal and care for my family and others.

Jenny R.

The spring herbalism series was such a delight and awakened even more the medicine woman within. Between being in a group of those with the same heart and interest in all things wild, and Audreyโ€™s vast experience and knowledge, this was a treasure and I look so forward to more. The farm is a special sanctuary, so obviously loved and tended to. I appreciate it all so much!

Shannon J.

Spending three magical Saturdays with like minded women in the woods was just what my heart and soul needed! Audrey was the perfect guide, inviting us all to dive into the world of plants and herbs using a variety of mediums to incorporate them into our daily lives. While I already knew or had tried many of the techniques that she taught, I was not as deeply familiar with all of the plants we covered. Additionally, I had not interacted with the plants in all of the ways she invited us to experience them. I had definitely never eaten spruce tips prior to the class! So yummy!! This series was magical! I would go back and take it all over again as I'm sure I would still learn more. Thank you, Audrey, for sharing your farm, your heart and passion for herbs, and your knowledge!!

What is included each Saturday:

In each of the three workshops in this series, we will focus on a variety of wild Spring herbs.  We will be getting up close and personal with these herbs and with the Spring season. 

You will come away feeling confident in being able to identify the herbs we cover, becoming a life-long connection and skill for you.

You will learn how to make a variety of herbal remedies and medicines using the herbs we forage together.  

With each workshop, you will come away with new herbalism skills, a deep connection to the Earth and to the season of Spring. 

You will come home with an in depth handout from each workshop, as well as your freshly-made herbal medicines.

Gain confidence in your herbal knowledge


The up close and personal connection with the herbs in this series, including foraging, harvesting, studying and medicine making, will fill you with the confidence to know and use these herbs for the rest of your life.

Take home your herbal medicines


You will take home the medicines you made during each workshop to use and add to your home apothecary.  And with them, you will leave with an in depth handout from each workshop.

 Light Gluten-free & Organic snacks


Enjoy light snacks, filtered water and tea at the workshop, which will often include ingredients from the farm.

Workshop dates and details


Each workshop is a Saturday.  Dates and times are as follows:

  • March 18th
  • April 15th
  • May 20th 

1-5 pm at Wild Moon Acres

We are located 10 minutes East of Broad Ripple.  Address and directions will be emailed to you upon signing up for the series.

We will have light organic and gluten-free snacks and drinks available during each workshop.

We also have both an indoor and outdoor restroom option.

This workshop takes place on our 6 acres of wooded land and gardens.  

Workshops are rain or shine, as we have covered and indoor work space options.


Your Guide, Audrey Barron

Audrey is your guide to the forest and plants for this workshop series.

Audrey is an Herbalist and stewards the land at Wild Moon Acres, growing medicinal herbs and elderberry trees.  She comes with a background as a holistic practitioner,  working with women as a Maya Abdominal Therapist and  Massage Therapist. Audrey is recently retired from owning and running plant-based cafe and wellness bar, Ezra's Enlightened Cafe. 

Audrey offers an online year long course called Medicine Woman, where women learn to connect with plants in their kitchen, their garden and spirit which has been running since 2019. 

Audrey has taught classes and workshops for 15 years, helping people learn to connect with plants and deeply nourish and heal their body.

Her life passion is connecting people their true wellness through the magical and mysterious world of Gaia.

Seasonal Herbalism Spring Workshop

Saturday, March 18th, April 15th and May 20th  at 1pm  ~ 5pm EST.

Each Saturday will include a new set of herb lessons and techniques.

Are you ready to reserve your spot in this in depth herbalism series?  Let's do this!