Answering questions you might have about the Medicine Woman Course

Who is Medicine Woman for?

Women who are interested in growing their own food to heal and thrive, create more health freedom, and engage in sustainable, conscious living. We believe deeply in the wisdom of the Earth and of the women who came before us, and the purpose of this course is to uncover the magic of plants and their medicine and how to infuse your life with their healing benefits each day. Making this way of living a lifestyle, not a trend. Becoming the Medicine Woman of your home.

Is there a Facebook group for the course?

No, the course does not have a FB group attached. However, we do have a Facebook group for our Inner Circle Membership where women can interact with one another and find community along with a calendar of Zoom gatherings. This membership is only available for women who have already signed up for the course. A place to truly connect and dive deeper. We provide information about the Inner Circle membership once you sign up for the course.

Is this a membership or a course?

When I started Medicine Woman in 2019, it was a monthly membership. Starting March 2022, it is now a course. However, we have an Inner Circle Membership for women who have taken the course and want to connect with like minded people and continue to grow their knowledge into deep lasting wisdom. We provide that information once you sign up for the course.

What will I learn in the Medicine Woman course?

Medicine Woman is an immersion. I introduce you to the powerful medicine of many herbs and wild "weeds". And we take that thread and weave it into a tapestry of home wellness. Medicine Woman contains four main categories of content: plant showcases, regenerative gardening, creating herbal remedies, and plant-based cooking. The course will equip you to deepen your knowledge on simple ways to grow your own food and herbs as well as how to cook nourishing plant-based meals, and create simple and effective herbal remedies. In this course, we focus on living with the rhythm of the Earth and really tuning into your intuition and taking back your health freedom. We also include bonus lessons on self care, including womb care, as I am a trained Maya Abdominal Therapist.

How much time does the course require each week?

It's completely up to you! This is a self lead course, organized by season. Within each season you can find recipes, herbal remedies, gardening tips and showcases on plants that are growing or can be harvested in that season. Lessons are accompanied by videos and printable PDF handouts. It's completely up to you on how you want to take in the information. Seasonally, diving into just the plants first, etc. Each person will be coming in with a unique background of wisdom. Use what you learn to weave a deeper sense of wisdom around connecting with plants and bringing them into your every day life to help you and your family flourish.

Did we answer your questions?

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Does this course replace the need for conventional medical care?

No. Audrey is not a medical doctor. This course and the information shared is not a replacement for the care you receive from your family doctor/naturopath to guide your health in a more specific manner. This course is here to help you create more independence and health freedom over time. Knowing how to use simple folk remedies for ailments such as coughs and fevers is empowering and can help you save time and money at the doctor or pharmacy. But as we teach in the course, you ultimately make the decisions in your life, including when it's time to seek medical care. We see this information as tools to add to your toolbox of self and family home care.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Due to the nature of this course, no. Once you sign up, you have lifetime access to current course materials and any future lessons or materials we provide in the course. You can ask as many questions as you need before you purchase - we are happy to help! [email protected]


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