Answering questions you might have about the Medicine Woman Membership

Who is Medicine Woman for?

Anyone who identifies as a woman, who is interested in growing their own food to heal and thrive, create more health freedom, and engage in sustainable, conscious living. We believe deeply in the wisdom of the Earth and of the women who came before us, and the purpose of this membership is to learn from them together!

Do I need to have a Facebook account to be in the membership?

In short, the answer is no! We do have a Facebook group where members can interact with one another and find community, and Audrey does live videos a couple times a month within the group. However, all essential learning material is in the online portal which is separate from Facebook, and even the Facebook Live videos are uploaded to the portal after the fact. The membership is still completely worth the investment even without utilizing the Facebook group.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel anytime. We have two payment investment options. For the monthly option you can cancel anytime. However, once you cancel, your access to the program and lessons as well as the FB group is automatically revoked. Keep that in mind when deciding the date you plan to cancel. For the annual membership, you would cancel closer to the time of renewal. This date would basically be a year from the date you signed up. And you do receive a reminder notice before both the monthly and annual membership renews.

What will I learn in the membership?

The membership contains three main categories of content: regenerative gardening, creating herbal remedies, and plant-based cooking. The membership will equip you to deepen your knowledge on simple ways to grow your own food and herbs as well as how to cook nourishing plant-based meals, and create simple and effective herbal remedies. In this membership, we focus on living with the rhythm of the Earth and really tuning into your intuition and taking back your health freedom. We also include bonus lessons on self care, foraging, kitchen organization and more.

How much time does the membership require each week?

It's completely up to you! This is a self lead membership set up like a course that continues to grow. Each month new lessons are added to the portal -- a combination of videos and PDFs with recipes and how-tos. It's up to you whether you want to spend one day per month catching up on everything, or sprinkle a lesson in every here and there throughout the month. Everything stays in the online portal just like a living library. As long as you are a member, you have access to this living growing library of resource. You can take it at any pace that feels right to you!

Did we answer your questions?

Does this membership replace the need for conventional medical care?

No. Audrey is not a medical doctor. This membership and the information shared is not a replacement for the care you receive from your family doctor/naturopath to guide your health in a more specific manner. This membership is here to help you create more independence and health freedom over time. Knowing how to use simple folk remedies for ailments such as coughs and fevers is empowering and can help you save time and money at the doctor or pharmacy. But as we teach in the membership, you ultimately make the decisions in your life, including when it's time to seek medical care. We see this information as tools to add to your toolbox of self and family home care.


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