My Story

I am a medicine woman at heart. My life changed when I began to heal my chronic health conditions by taking ownership of my health through what I was eating and what I used to care for my body.  

For the past decade, I've been on a journey to find my own wellbeing. That journey led me to personal cheffing, working one-on-one with clients for years, becoming a massage therapist and Maya Abdominal practitioner working with women's reproductive health, and the list goes on. I've basically immersed myself into the research and application of holistic therapies.   

Eventually I found my way to opening a 100% gluten-free, dairy-free and non-GMO plant-based eatery in 2014. Ezra's Enlightened Cafe remains an oasis of high vibe food and source of wellness products for my local community.  

My current reality is running my cafe, managing our small urban farm, and mothering my two children. Each of these areas of life have benefited from the health wisdom I've gathered and implemented over the years.

Now, I'm sharing that wisdom with you.  

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What inspires me

I'm inspired by all things in the natural world. Plants, animals and fungi and the beauty that can be found just by stepping outside and observing. I'm inspired by food and how using certain ingredients can change one's health and overall quality of life. Lastly, I'm deeply inspired by my children. It's their future and the future for all children that drive me in sharing what I share in my online offerings. I believe teaching our children how to take care of their health is the most valuable tool we can give them. I want to help all mothers and women who care for others to know how to access this ancient information that our great grandmothers knew. This is the thread woven through all of my offerings you will find here - taking back ownership of our ability to nourish and heal through our connection with the natural world.


Audrey is the creator and owner of Ezra’s Enlightened Café, established in 2014. Chef Audrey began her journey toward healing in her early 20’s when she was experiencing chronic fatigue, extreme hormonal imbalance, IBS and depression. Inspired by a family member to try plant-based eating, she let go of gluten, dairy and processed foods and added more fresh plants to her plate. After experiencing an incredible amount of healing, she never looked back.


In 2009, Audrey completed massage therapy training and left her corporate job. She traveled to Northern California to become a plant-based chef at the Living Light Culinary Institute, learning how to create food that helps people heal. For eight years she operated a wellness business as a massage therapist, energy practitioner and plant-based chef, working one-on-one with clients, teaching classes, cheffing, and even cheffing for and co-hosting island retreats in Barbados.


Over the past decade, Audrey trained in herbalism with teachers such as Susan Weed, Ron Teeguarden of Dragon Herbs, and Rosita Arvigo. She is regularly educating herself through online courses, and attending lectures and conferences to stay up on the latest science and and discoveries in the world of holistic healing and herbalism.  Audrey is also a student of the Terra Kathryn Collin’s Western School of Feng Shui and applies these inspiring principles to everything she creates.


A large part of Audrey’s healing journey was recovering from many years on synthetic birth control and rebalancing her hormones. Audrey incorporated this service into her wellness offerings by becoming a Certified Maya Abdominal Therapist through the Arvigo Institute in 2012, helping women heal physically, emotionally and spiritually through tending to the care of the womb. 


She opened Ezra’s Enlightened Cafe in 2014, bringing her experience and training into every aspect -- from classes and programs to menu items and retail herbs. Then, in 2016, Audrey and her family became stewards of a six acre plot of land in Indianapolis. Using permaculture and regenerative growing practices, they farm a small section of the land to provide organic produce and herbs for the café and for medicine making. Audrey’s experience as a chef and massage therapist helped pave the way to the life she lives now through the cafe and farm – in service of helping people feel better and live a vibrant life. 


Audrey is excited to bring her past decade of personal healing and guiding others on their healing journey to all the online offerings here.  She considers herself a forever student and loves sharing what she learns to help others benefit, grow and heal.



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