It is time for the wisdom of fertility to be known again. 


In the past few decades, and even more so in the past couple of years, infertility has been on the rise along with women experiencing painful periods and health challenges.


What has changed and how do we connect again to the wisdom of the grandmothers to help us expand and deepen our fertility?


In this workshop, we will be addressing the most common causes of infertility as well as the simple yet profound ways to nourish and prepare your body to bring a baby into the world.


Taylor brings her expertise as a Clinical Herbalist and Fertility specialist who has helped many women support and nourish their fertility and become pregnant.


Audrey brings her experience as an Herbalist and Maya Abdominal Therapist, who has helped women nourish their fertility and through womb healing, become pregnant.  She also brings lived experience, having two natural pregnancies and home births.


Your day will include your in depth workshop, herbal tea and infusion sampling and organic & gluten-free snacks.


You will receive a comprehensive handout of all you learned in the workshop as well.


This is not just a pregnancy workshop. This is a re-frame of how to be in relationship with your womb and your feminine body to be ready to bring precious life into this world.


We would love to welcome you.


In Deep Gratitude,

Taylor and Audrey 

Saturday, March 23rd

1-4:30 pm

Nourishing your fertility

Some key areas we will cover:

  • How to connect to and naturally track your menstrual cycle
  • The vital hormones that support fertility and how to support their healthy and proper balance.
  • Key nourishment techniques that both prepare the body to get pregnant and that nourish mom and baby during pregnancy.
  • Foundational herbs that nourish and stimulate fertility as well as herbs NOT appropriate for this time in your life.

The foundation of this workshop is RHYTHM.

Our bodies work in rhythm as women and our menstrual cycle is a vital player in this symphony of rhythm in your body.

This class addresses the whole person that you are, including emotional and spiritual components of your being that can be nourished for this time in your life. 

Connect with the foundational fertility herbs.


Your day will include sampling herbal teas and infusions as we discuss key foundational herbs that support your fertility into pregnancy.

Teas are a simple yet profound way to bring you real results.  Our grandmothers, great grandmothers and beyond used this ancient method of distributing herbs into their lives.  We will connect to this ancient technique together.

Taylor B

It was so nice being surrounded by likeminded, supportive, positive women and learning how we can better support our bodies in a natural way.

Rebecca C

I truly felt so educated and empowered as a woman. I am 26 years old and this workshop was the first time someone told me that the uterus and the womb are the same thing. It was the first time I saw the incredible work that she does throughout our cycle with growing and retracting. It was so refreshing to learn that medicine grows all around us and that pharmaceuticals are NOT always the answer! I loved connecting with other likeminded women. They didn’t think I was crazy for talking about plants or just try to push an agenda on me. It was a space to “be” with other women! 

Abby K

What a beautiful afternoon with a group of amazing, likeminded women! It was a safe space where we could ask questions and share our own experiences. Taylor and Audrey shared their knowledge with us regarding the female body and optimizing our hormone health. I can’t wait for more workshops at the farm!

Your Forest Guides

Taylor Jeffers

Taylor is a clinical herbalist specializing in holistic women's health and fertility.  She is passionate about giving women the knowledge and tools to go from hormonal chaos to hormonal bliss.

As an herbalist, she provides consultations to support women's health goals with custom formulated herbal medicine, nutrition and lifestyle coaching as well as teaching women how to track their menstrual cycles to support their health and fertility goals.

Audrey Barron

Audrey is your guide to the forest and plants for this immersion.  

Audrey is an Herbalist and stewards the land at Wild Moon Acres.  She comes with a background of working with women as a Maya Abdominal Therapist and is recently retired from owning and running plant-based cafe and wellness bar, Ezra's Enlightened Cafe. 

Audrey offers an online year long course called Medicine Woman, where women learn to connect with plants in their kitchen, their garden and spirit.  Audrey has taught classes and workshops for almost 15 years, helping people learn to connect with plants and deeply nourish and heal their body.

Audrey's life passion is connecting people to their true wellness through the magical and mysterious world of plants.

Join us for Preparing for Pregnancy.

Saturday, March 23rd, 2024

1-4:30 pm

Located 10 minutes East of Broad Ripple (you'll receive directions when you sign up)

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