How does our immune system really work?  And how do we nourish this system to build true longevity and quality of life?

Join us for this in depth workshop as we journey through the immune system.  You will learn powerful ways to strengthen and support this vital system in the body.

Have you ever wanted to learn more about medicinal mushrooms?  These medicines are key players in the world of longevity.  We will be taking a close look at how these mushrooms interact with our cells and our immune system and the most potent ways to use them in your daily life.

Taking care of your immune system is more than a short term venture.  This is a lifestyle.  Learn how to incorporate heavy hitting immune supporting herbs into your meals and your daily life.

We live in a world much different than our ancestors.  The food, water and even our air is not as clean and nourishing for us due to decades of mistreating our Mother Earth.  This means we need to support our immune system with intention and dedication if we are to enjoy longevity and quality health.

Your guides for this workshop, Aron and Audrey live what we teach.  Both of us are avid foragers for both medicinal mushrooms, herbs and wild foods.  We have cultivated a lifestyle of well-being and our mission for this workshop is to share this invaluable wisdom with you.

Come ready for hands-on learning that will include tastings of teas, tinctures, medicinal bone broth and more.

Your workshop includes organic, local, gluten-free snacks and tea. 

We welcome you with open arms for a beautiful day together at the Wild Moon Apothecary. 

Learn the foundations of the immune system 


Audrey guides you into the human body and how our immune system functions.  

Learn how to use medicinal mushrooms in your daily life.  Learn how to make a deeply nourishing bone broth, layered with mushroom medicine.  

We will also explore potent medicinal plants that can support your immune system and foster quality health and longevity.

Saturday, February

24th 1-4:30 pm

Deep dive into medicinal mushrooms

Aron will take you on a journey into the world of medicinal mushrooms.  Some you may be familiar with and some are lesser known wild medicinal mushrooms.

Learn how each benefits different aspects of the immune system and learn how to make a double extraction mushroom tincture. 

Your Guides


Aron McNicholas

Aron McNicholas is a Functional Medicine Practitioner and Clinical Herbalist. He began his herbalism journey by studying with Constance Ferry of Hobbit Gardens in Fillmore, Indiana. Later, he went on to study with 7Song at the Northeastern School of Botanical Medicine, focusing on clinical herbalism and plant identification. In order to provide a scientific background to natural remedies, Aron completed his Masters in Functional Medicine and Nutrition through the University of Western States. He has enjoyed attending workshops and trainings with Sam Thayer, Morley Robbins, Dr. Jennifer Daniels, and many more.

Today, Aron serves the community by offering wildcrafted herbal medicine through his company Hartwood Herbals and conducts plant walks, monthly classes and one-on-one consulations.


Audrey Barron

An Herbalist and lover of Mother Earth, Audrey stewards the land at Wild Moon Acres, growing almost 100 varieties of medicinal herbs - cultivated and wild.  Audrey also runs Wild Moon Apothecary, offering potent herbal medicines.  She comes with a background of working with women as a Maya Abdominal Therapist and is recently retired from owning and running NON-GMO, plant-based cafe and wellness bar, Ezra's Enlightened Cafe. 

Audrey has studied with renowned Herbalists and healers such as Rosita Arvigo, David Winston, Susan Weed, Sajahd Popham, Rosemary Gladstar and Ron Teeguarden.

Audrey offers an online year long course called Medicine Woman, where women learn to connect with plants in their kitchen, their garden and spirit.  Audrey has taught classes and workshops for almost 15 years, helping people learn to connect with plants and deeply nourish and heal their body.

Audrey's life passion is connecting people to their true wellness through the magical and mysterious world of plants and mushrooms.

Join us for the Longevity & the Immune System Workshop

Saturday, February 24th 2024

1-4:30 pm


Located 10 minutes East of Broad Ripple (you'll receive directions when you sign up)

For those of you who were not able to get signed up due to the quick sell out of this workshop, we plan to offer the recording for sale.  This will be our first attempt at recording a live workshop so no guarantees.  If all goes well with the recording, we will announce availability to purchase as soon as it's ready to our Wild Moon newsletter.  Thank you!

Sold out - thank you!