Come into our Elderberry forest.

We invite you to our sacred land, Wild Moon Acres.  We lovingly call her the Elderberry forest, as over the years the Elderberry patches have grown and expanded to epic proportions. 

This sacred tree has been revered and used for medicine for centuries.  During this event you will be encapsulated into our sacred forest with like-minded folks as we dive into the lore and story of Elder.  We will gather the berries together and transform the sweet berries into potent medicine. 

The plants have a way of connecting us to those who walked before us and the old ways of making plant medicines and caring for our families.   We are providing a sacred container for you to connect to yourself, each other and the the Elder trees for an evening.

Come join us in our sacred forest.

Wild Blessings,


Wednesday, August 23rd 6-8pm

Hands on with Elderberry medicine.

In this workshop experience, you will meet Elderberry in her ripe berry stage.  We will be harvesting her berries, and making your own fresh elderberry tincture.  While we harvest and make medicines together, you will learn the mythes and stories of how this tree and her medicine have been honored for centuries.  You will come away with knowledge on medicinal benefits of Elderberry, a handout to take home and your own bottle of Elderberry tincture.

Organic snacks and herbal tea included

Throughout the afternoon, you will enjoy gluten free, organic snacks and refreshing tea made with harvested herbs from Wild Moon Acres.

All students can go home with their own elderberry trees 

Growing your own elderberry trees has an immense benefit to your garden. Elderberries deeply support the immune system, are anti-viral, and high in vitamin C and anti-oxidants. You can also harvest elderflower to use to help fight colds, the flu and soothe anxiety during stress. Not to mention, elderberry plants are a beauty to enjoy every year bringing in pollinators and medicine to your garden.

Students get a special price of 50% off elderberry trees day of event.

Your Forest Guide

Audrey Barron

Audrey is your guide to the forest and plants for this immersion.  

Audrey is an Herbalist and stewards the land at Wild Moon Acres.  She comes with a background of working with women as a Maya Abdominal Therapist and is recently retired from owning and running plant-based cafe and wellness bar, Ezra's Enlightened Cafe. 

Audrey offers an online year long course called Medicine Woman, where women learn to connect with plants in their kitchen, their garden and spirit.  Audrey has taught classes and workshops for almost 15 years, helping people learn to connect with plants and deeply nourish and heal their body.

Audrey's life passion is connecting people their true wellness through the magical and mysterious world of plants.

Wild Elderberry Medicine Workshop

Wednesday, August 23rd 6 - 8pm

Located 10 minutes East of Broad Ripple (you'll receive directions when you sign up)

We are limiting this experience to 15 people.

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