Doors open Spring 2022

It's your birthright. 

Our great great grandmothers and beyond had basic yet powerful knowledge passed down from her mother and so it went.  The knowledge to use plants to heal and nourish. 



There's no better time to get in touch with your inner Medicine Woman and gain back your health freedom.


It's time to remember the simple power of using plants in our homes.  And to detach from relying on corporations and "experts" to tell us how to be well.  True vitality and wellbeing isn't found in a pill. It's not found in convenience at the cost of well-being. True wellbeing is found by connecting, just like our great grandmothers did, to the garden, the earth and to our inner wisdom. 

The Medicine Woman membership is about that shift. Our membership  and community exist precisely to show you how to connect to your inner Medicine Woman and regain your health freedom. Through opening your awareness of the rich medicine offered to us by the earth Herself, you can become less dependent on the grocery store and large corporations for your food and wellbeing.


We're connecting to ancient plant wisdom to empower our modern lives.



You will learn to build a foundation for ongoing wellness and vitality through waking up your internal compass and connecting to the plants. 



The three pillars of Medicine Woman

  • How to prepare deeply nourishing gluten-free and plant-based meals, layered with medicine
  • How to make your own safe, simple herbal remedies and when and how to use them
  • How to grow your own food and medicine using regenerative gardening practices


This isn't just about plants.

  Medicine Woman is a practical and intuitive guide to a deep lifestyle shift.  


Applying the information you learn in Medicine Woman can help you gain:


✨ Tools to heal and balance sickness and ailments in your home

✨ Tools to lesson anxiety and depression

✨ Less reliance on conventional
      healthcare systems and drugstore medicine

✨ Tools to help you deepen your connection to the natural world and the earth's rhythms

✨ An online community with people who care about being empowered to use plants to heal and thrive

✨ More confidence and empowerment in your everyday life as you gain knowledge on how to truly nourish yourself and your family

✨ Resources to create nourishing food layered with plant medicine your family will love

✨ Skills to prepare both plant-based and gluten-free dishes with ease

✨ Guidance on how to infuse your dishes with medicine for more deep nourishment

✨ The ability to build your own home apothecary with ease and confidence

✨ Knowledge on how to start your own medicine garden, growing your own food and herbs while also respecting the Earth

✨ Simple and profound self care techniques so you can care for your body mind and soul as a Medicine Woman

✨ A deeper connection with your intuition and inner power

✨ A deeper connection with the natural world and thus your own spirit

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Plant-based, gluten-free meals

Do you already eat plant-based and gluten-free but need some inspiration? Or maybe you haven't made the leap to eating this way because it seems overwhelming. Regardless of where you are on that journey, I am here to help you create delicious meals that the whole family will love.

As a certified plant-based chef and owner of plant-based eatery Ezra's Enlightened Cafe, I know what it takes to make crowd-pleasing dishes that even your kids will crave! I'll show you how to layer nutritious plant medicine into meals so that you and your family are eating foods that heal from the inside out.

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Safe, simple herbal remedies

If you've ever wanted to know how to promote healing for yourself and your family using plants, this membership is for you! From salves that heal scraped-up skin to immune-boosting syrups that are delicious to boot, you will stock your home apothecary with good medicine made with your hands.  Making your own herbal remedies connects you to the women who came before you and provides freedom from relying on large corporations to provide simple remedies and medicines....many that have side affects.  Having studied with and learned from herbalists such as Susan Weed, Rosita Arvigo, Kami McBride and more, I have thousands of hours of study and hands on experience and the learning continues!  The herbal remedies I teaches are folk remedies that your great great grandmother might have used.  These are remedies my family and I use daily.  Simple, reliable and powerful.

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Regenerative home gardening practices

Follow along with me and our members as we grow food through the spring and fall months, trying new things and learning from one another! Our gardens, nestled on 6 wooded acres in Indianapolis is completely organic and non-GMO, and supplies a portion of the food for Ezra's Cafe. In this membership you'll learn where to buy seeds, how to save them yourself, how to start and transplant them, and generally how to cultivate your own food and medicine throughout the growing season.

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The Medicine Woman Facebook Group

Connect with like-minded women who love to talk about plants, natural remedies, plant-based cooking and growing our own food.  Women who get it!

In our Facebook group, you'll find the community and support you've been craving. A modern supportive circle of Medicine Women.


What's Included

  • A lesson library of 100 + lessons on plant-based cooking, creating herbal remedies, growing your own food and herbs and so much more...already waiting for you, accompanied by videos and printable PDF's
  • Fun, light hearted videos with me in my kitchen and apothecary as a visual and audio learning guide
  • Lessons taught in a seasonal rhythm to help you connect with the natural world outside your door and integrate the cyclical nature of the seasons into your life. 
  • Monthly live videos with me as we dive into questions and give us a chance to connect in the moment. (all live videos are recorded for those who miss or are not on FB)
  • Extensive PDF sheets for your lessons for those who enjoy having paper copies or creating a binder as many of our students do. 
  • No pressure guided self-study - Medicine Woman is set up like a course that continues to grow and expand.  You can take it at your own pace.
  • Private community Facebook group to connect with fellow Medicine Women
  • Weekly email lesson highlight and check-in with Chef Audrey
  • Your membership is housed in an easy to use virtual space where you can comment and ask questions about any lesson and it will be answered by me
  • Bonus lessons including self care techniques, womb care and kitchen organization.




"The value of the Medicine Woman Membership wisdom to me is more precious than gold. With the Membership, I've been enjoying learning from access to videos and worksheets and I've even started a Medicine Woman binder for reference. I trust Audrey's wisdom 100%. She has done the research and dedicated so much time, energy and is so passionate about sharing her wealth of knowledge. Thank you for this Medicine Woman Membership opportunity! "

Kenzie K
Medicine Woman Member

"Becoming a member of the Medicine Woman tribe has been life-changing. Audrey not only shares her wisdom as a plant-based chef and medicine woman, she cultivates a very real sense of community. One of the biggest ways this membership has changed my life is my ability to fight off illness without the use of drugstore medicines. I'm a teacher and therefore come in contact with a fair amount of germs. I have now gone a full three months without a single sick day. In years past I have suffered from pneumonia and pleurisy! Learning to care for both myself and my husband is empowering and healing - physically and psychologically. I would (and have) recommend this membership to anyone who is ready for a deeper dive into the world of plants and herbals medicines, alongside a tribe of fellow medicine women."

Tinora P
Medicine Woman Member

"Medicine Woman has been truly life changing for me. I have always gardened and eaten healthy but this membership has opened my eyes to truly using food as medicine. Audrey has such an easygoing style and explains things so anyone can understand. As a visual learner, I love the videos that show me how to make the recipes, tinctures, medicines. My gardens have transformed from mostly vegetables and flowers with a few herbs to being filled with many more medicinal herbs and flowers. I have made most of the recipes and medicines and use many daily. I find myself going back to reread a recipe or re-watch a video and love knowing the information is at my fingertips when I need it. This is the best money I spend every month!!"

Crystal C
Medicine Woman Member

"Medicine Woman has enriched my life by giving me an outlet to show love to myself and my family in a healing way. It has been a grounding experience, allowing me to connect with something bigger than myself. Medicine Woman has also given me a new tribe of women who share similar values. I’ve been a fan of Chef Audrey’s for years, and I’m so glad I have the opportunity to learn from her even though I live in a different state."

Medicine Woman Member

"I’m more aware of nature and the medicines all around me. I have a better understanding of seasonal cycles of the planet and how to be more in tune with them in my actions"

Medicine Woman Member


Join us this Spring as we open our doors just in time for garden planning, planting season and the beginning of wild green harvests


The Medicine Woman membership doors don't open too often, so make sure to grab a seat on the waitlist. We'll shoot you an email to remind you to sign up when registration opens.


Scholarships available to women experiencing financial challenges

We are in tough times right now.  Have you been affected by the pandemic?  We have three reduced pricing scholarships available to make this membership financially accessible to women who are ready to dive in and incorporate the wisdom shared here into your life.

We are reserving three additional scholarship spots for women of color and women in the LGBTQ2 community.

Application period is now closed

About your guide, Herbalist and Chef Audrey Barron

A business owner and working mother of two small children, Audrey gets the struggle of living in a culture that does not prioritize true health and well-being. Over the past 10 years she has paved her own way toward independence, freedom, and peace of mind by using plants to heal and thrive.

Audrey Barron is a trained plant-based chef and home herbalist with thousands of hours of study, apprenticing, teaching, and practice under her belt.

For over six years Audrey has been running her plant-based eatery, Ezra's Enlightened Cafe and learning how to apply regenerative agriculture to growing food and herbs on her family's urban farm.

The full circle experience of growing and harvesting the plants, then preserving and creating nutrient-dense food and medicine was her inspiration for Medicine Woman.

The freedom and independence of knowing how to use plants to heal is absolutely priceless. And to be part of a circle of women on the same path... this is a dream come true.

Learn more about Audrey at


From Chef Audrey:

"The more I experience the magic of my children, the more I want for them....things like clean food, clean water, clean air and a world with more peace and less suffering. So, I'm making my contribution by growing, cooking, and serving clean food, and sharing what I learn along the way.

I want more than just the cultural norm for my family... because the cultural norm is toxic food, air, and water.  We deserve better. And so does Mother Earth. Change happens with us right in our kitchens. What we feed our family is a ripple effect through our community and beyond. When we are well, the world becomes well.

Medicine Woman is a membership and resource for women who feel the call to bring the ancient wisdom of using plants to heal and thrive into their homes. Women who desire well-being and connection for themselves and their family that stems from a lifestyle shift.  Life changing.  Life sustaining.  

Are you ready? I would love to be your humble guide."



Your Investment Options

Our program is going through an upgrade and some big changes so stay tuned for pricing to be announced along with all of our changes in late winter 2022.

Medicine Woman supports Hoosier Environmental Counsel

A portion of our proceeds from will go to Hoosier Environmental Counsel who is on the front lines in Indiana, where we are based, in support of clean air, water, soil and humane treatment of farm animals.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. You have 10 days to try Medicine Woman and dive into the lessons. If you decide it’s not for you, just ask for a full refund.


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