We should have been taught this.

As women, we hold the sacred portal to life inside of us.  Whether we give birth to human children or not in this life, our body is designed to bring forth life.

This gift comes with it a body that needs to be cared for very differently than men.

Most of us were never properly taught about the inner workings of the female body and hormone wellness.  This is why we are offering this workshop.

In the past few decades, and even more so in the past couple of years, infertility has been on the rise along with women experiencing painful periods and health challenges stemming from hormone imbalance.

This workshop is designed as a starting place.  Hormones 101 you might say.  

From our fertility and hormone specialist and Clinical Herbalist, Taylor Jeffers of Lionhearted Herbals, you will learn how your reproductive hormones work and how to support their function.

Audrey Barron, Herbalist at Wild Moon Acres, will be teaching hands on self care techniques that will support you for your lifetime.

Your day will include a walk in the gardens, harvesting herbs and taking home medicines use and enjoy at home.

You will receive an in depth handout of all you learned in the workshop as well.

This is not just a hormone workshop.  This is a re-frame of how to see and be in relationship to your body and how to care for her into your golden years in a way that will support your whole self.  

We would love to welcome you.

In Deep Gratitude,

Taylor and Audrey 

Saturday, August 19th

1-4:30 pm

Nourishing your female hormones

To better understand your body, Taylor will introduce you to your four primary reproductive hormones and how they ebb and flow during your cycle. You will learn what a healthy menstrual cycle looks like and what to expect as years pass by. 


Next, we will dive into the pillars of holistic hormone health. You’ll learn the foundations needed to support your body and maintain happy hormones. These are the very steps that Taylor teaches her clients and will include her favorite herbs to keep you feeling your best. Come out of this class feeling equipped to support your cycle and your hormone health.

Self care techniques for your female body.

Audrey will teach you ancient techniques women have used for centuries to care for your body and your reproductive system, including the power of the castor oil pack and vaginal steaming.

Learn to connect with your body and care for your womb and reproductive system in your own home. 

Your day will include a garden tour as well. 

Tiptoe through the gardens


Your day will include a  tour of the gardens at Wild Moon, where you will be introduced to herbs that support the female hormone system.  Enjoy your day surrounded by the forest and our beautiful wild gardens.

Your Forest Guides

Taylor Jeffers

Taylor is a clinical herbalist specializing in holistic women's health and fertility.  She is passionate about giving women the knowledge and tools to go from hormonal chaos to hormonal bliss.

As an herbalist, she provides consultations to support women's health goals with custom formulated herbal medicine, nutrition and lifestyle coaching as well as teaching women how to track their menstrual cycles to support their health and fertility goals.

Audrey Barron

Audrey is your guide to the forest and plants for this immersion.  

Audrey is an Herbalist and stewards the land at Wild Moon Acres.  She comes with a background of working with women as a Maya Abdominal Therapist and is recently retired from owning and running plant-based cafe and wellness bar, Ezra's Enlightened Cafe. 

Audrey offers an online year long course called Medicine Woman, where women learn to connect with plants in their kitchen, their garden and spirit.  Audrey has taught classes and workshops for almost 15 years, helping people learn to connect with plants and deeply nourish and heal their body.

Audrey's life passion is connecting people to their true wellness through the magical and mysterious world of plants.

Join us for Hormone Wellness

Saturday, August 19th 2023

1-4:30 pm

Located 10 minutes East of Broad Ripple (you'll receive directions when you sign up)

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