Learn the art of preserving your peppers.

You will start your time with Audrey, Marta and Hayley together in the Wild Moon gardens, taking a garden tour.  Experience the summer bounty the gardens provide and harvest fresh peppers and herbs with your own hands.

Chiles en escabeche is a Spanish term meaning “food in vinegar” that can be traced back to Muslim and Persian origins. Eventually the use of the phrase spread to Latin America.

Marta and Hayley's take on chiles en escabeche involves lightly sautéing hot peppers alongside herbs, spices and veggies to bring out the flavors before submerging them in a home brewed vinegar.

You will enjoy an up close immersive experience and demonstration as Marta and Hayley take you through their process of making this delicious and health-promoting way of preserving the garden harvest.

Enjoy a tasting, featuring homemade bread and local goat cheese. 

You will go home having learned a vital food preservation technique and having connected with community. 

We will send you home with your own jar of chiles en escabeche and fresh peppers from the Wild Moon gardens.

Saturday September 9th

1-4:00 pm

The power of food preservation

As we watch as our grocery bills soar, restaurants close and food shortages continue, learning how to simply and effectively preserve our garden harvest is vital.  You will learn about the power of peppers for healing and a technique that will support you for the rest of your life.  We hope you can join us!

Your kitchen garden Guides

Marta Rodriguez

Marta Rodriguez is the senior chef and garden goddess behind Nourish Indiana. Born in El Salvador, she studied social work, soil management and sustainable agriculture. She taught herself to make pastries, tamales and pupusas among many other dishes. Marta loves experimenting in the kitchen. She is a joy to work with—radiating confidence, teaching culinary skills, and modeling the art of being resourceful.

Hayley Nadine

Hayley Nadine is the art director and founder of Nourish Indiana. She has enjoyed experimenting with methods of food cultivation and preservation over the past twelve years. She loves connecting with nature through bird watching, foraging, and hunting. Hayley is passionate about water and food sovereignty. She is devoted to creating community and systemic change.

Join us for Chiles en Escabeche

Saturday September 9 2023

1-4:00 pm

Located 10 minutes East of Broad Ripple (you'll receive directions when you sign up)

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